mercoledì, novembre 10, 2004

Let's start...

Ok, here we are.
For some reasons, I've created this blog to write out ideas. Sourceforge homepage is not suitable for many reasons, first of all I cannot access it from the office, cos some firewall issue (ssh not allowed).
So, fast changing ideas and informations will be posted here, and the sourceforge homepage will be more slowchanging.

About the project.

After an initial haste to do things, and write code, I've stopped for a moment, reflecting about how a project should be managed. I'm falling back to initial positions, from the basics of project management, following the right process.

So, first of all, there is the requirements analisys.

The order of things should be:
  • Specifications gathering
  • Requirements analisys
  • Writing use cases
  • Software design
  • implementation
By now, I'm focused on specifications gathering and requirements analisys. I'm reading some books on the topic.