mercoledì, novembre 24, 2004

[STRATEGIC] Problem Statement

The problem of:
  • Building a warhammer army is an expensive and difficult operation.
  • Playing tabletop and miniature games needs player to be in the same place, at the same time.
  • Playing different armies and game systems is VERY expensive.
  • Playtesting armies can be a long and tedious task.
  • Developing new games system or modifying existing ones it's difficult.
  • Miniature and tabletop games Players
  • Computer games Players
  • Miniature and tabletop games developers
  • Trademarks owners
The result of which:
  • Players cannot optimize spendings, and sometimes buys useless models, or create a non effective army, wasting
  • money
  • Players wich are far from gaming community cannot play their favourite games, or can play them only with few
  • peoples
  • Players often cannot buy more than a single army, and sometimes neither that.
  • Testing and improve an army is a long, difficult and expensive task, and requires the player to play against
  • many different armies
  • New game systems requires a lot of playtesting, and doing this "manually" can be tedious
Benefits of:
  • Players can create "virtual" armies, and playtest them against other players, or against the computer
  • Players can play their favourite games over the network, against distant people.
  • Game systems designers can create and playtest new rulesets, without expenses.