venerdì, gennaio 26, 2007

The Groovy way

The Groovy language is awesome! It reached in the first days of this year version 1.0, and also two books about it has been already published (three, counting also the Grails manual, being Grails a web-framework based on groovy), and it's now the second _standard_ language for the JVM. The first is java itself, and no other standard language actually exists. This new language is backed by famous companies such as Oracle, IBM and others.
About Strategic, I can tell that at the moment I'm experimenting with the features of groovy, trying to find a reasonable way to store rules in a "configurable" way. What I mean is that, being tis project about a "configurable strategic game engine", the the games rules had to be stored somewhere else than in the engine itself. This means that I must find a practical, effective and easy to handle way to store rules inside a package, and load it when installing a game-pack inside Strategic.
In this very moment a big flag with written "take a look at how GRAILS is made" passed through my brain... I'll think about it.