mercoledì, marzo 09, 2005

I'm planning another change of course.
I've changed my mind about the interface between the game engine and the Rest Of The World.
I've concluded that to develop an entire console system was too long and difficult. Now I'm planning to use a telnet daemon, so that any client able to connect a telnet server will be able to interact with the core engine.
Actually I've downloaded this implementation of a telnet server:

It's a telnet daemon wich can be plugged into a java application. It provides telnet connectivity, and allow the developer to write custom shells wich will react to remote commands. This means that I can write a single interpreter wich will interact with any client compatible with the given protocol, and also to use the preferred console.
This solution will eliminate the need of a custom built-in console, and the risk of platform specific code, since a simple telnet client will be enough to connect to the engine.